Grand Champions: Goldridge Fire Department
Most Spirited Team: Sax’s Joint
Best Chili Display: Sarah’s Eats and Sweets
Best Salsa Display: Ass on Fire
Best Costumes: Goldridge Fire Dept.
Best Booth: Samuel Heights Low Brow
Firemen’s Ax Award: Goldridge Fire Dept.
Picture Credits: Dan Ransom

People’s Choice Awards

Meat Chili

1. Homeward Bound of Marin
2. Exchange Bank
3. Sax’s Joint

Vegetarian Chili

1. Preferred Sonoma Caterers
2. Sarah’s Eats and Sweets
3. Friendly Chili


1. Mr. Pyro’s
2. Krazy Kelts
3. Samuel Heights Lowbrow Salsa


1. Petaluma Hills
2. Hen House
3. Sudwerk

Judge’s Awards

Traditional Chili

1. Poco Borracho
2. Samuel Heights Lowbrow Chili
3. Some Girls, Their Uncle, His Kids…

1. Brasil BBQ
2. Sarah’s Sweets and Eats
3. Brewsters Beer Garden

1. Trader Joe’s
2. Argus Courier
3. Kurt’z Kreations

Service Organization
1. Goldridge Fire Department
2. Liberty Independent Living
3. Homeward Bound of Marin

Vegetarian Chili

1. Preferred Sonoma Caterers
2. Bellyfull Dinners
3. Tree Huggin’ Hippies

Traditional Salsa

1. Fat Kid
2. Mr. Pyro’s
3. Krazy Kelts

Fruit Salsa

1. Bellyfull Dinners
2. Spring Hill Ranch
3. Brew It Up