Chili + Salsa Information


  • Any business, restaurant/caterer, service group, non-profit or individual may enter the Great Chili Cook-Off, Salsa & Beer Tasting.
  • Each entry covers a team of 4 people. Additional helpers need to pay admission fee.
  • Teams may prepare any and all dishes in the 4 categories: Meat Chili, Vegetarian Chili, Traditional Salsa, Fruit Salsa.
  • Creative team names, costumes and booth decorating are encouraged. Have fun with it!


  • All Chili participants compete for People’s Choice Awards in Favorite Meat Chili, Vegetarian Chili, Traditional Salsa, Fruit Salsa, and Beer. Tasters have 4-5 vote tickets (beer tasters get an extra) and put a ticket in the labeled bucket for their favorite offering in each category. Voting closes at 4pm.
  • Competitors also have the option to vie for Golden Spoon Awards, judged by a panel of culinary professionals in a blind-taste test the week before the Chili Cook-Off. Please confirm your interest in Golden Spoon professional judging upon registration.
  • A generous donor is offering a $500 prize to the best high school chili team! No fee for entry
  • All awards will be announced on May 19.

Cooking Details

  • We suggest teams pre-make 5-10 gallons of chili or 2-3 gallons of salsa to bring to the site, or prepare on site. We’ll let cooks know what ticket sales look like in the week leading up to the event to determine our final recommendation.
  • Chili must be kept hot (165 degrees) on an outside grill or cooker and served from one SMALL, modern electric stove, crock pot or chafing dish at your booth.
  • Maximum electrical output is 5 amps. Please confirm as large/multiple crock pots will blow fuses.
  • No gas burners or fumes inside the building, however you may set these up outside and have your teammates bring batches inside for the crock pot.
  • We offer a discount for chili cooks only using Sterno requiring no electricity. No Sterno discount for salsa.
  • The outside circle wall of Herzog Hall is reserved for teams who want to hang a banner behind them.
    Ask for inner circle if you don’t need a wall. All Salsa and all Sterno users will be on the inside circles.
  • Challengers must bring all their own supplies. We suggest: 2-5oz. plastic taster cups available from restaurant suppliers, spoons, chips, napkins, table cloth, etc.
  • We provide one 3’x8′ table and 4 chairs. You may bring your own table of equivalent size.
  • Only ONE table or space per team. Space is at a premium.

Entry Fees

  • Business/Restaurant/Caterer fee: $75
    Service Organization/Non-Profits/Individual Team fee: $65
    Fire/Police/First Responders: NO FEE
  • There is a $10 discount for waiving access to electricity for your Chili by using Sterno with chafing dishes.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable and apply solely to the current year.

Payment Options

  • COMPLETE REGISTRATION FIRST.  Register first, then pay your fee to secure your spot. Complete both steps to fully register.
  • Click HERE to secure your spot with Visa or MC credit card.
    Enter the discount code STERNO to receive $10 off for waiving access to electricity for your Chili.
    Make sure the payment name matches your team registration so we can properly credit your team.
  • Mail a check with “TeamName/Chili Cook-Off” in the memo line to:
    Cinnabar Theater, 3333 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA, 94952.
    Check signer should match payment name on registration so we can properly credit your team.
  • Pay online now or Call Cinnabar Theater with your credit card Tues-Fri between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm. (707) 763-8920

Limited Space

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